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The Instructional Program

The Institute's instructional program consists of a forty (40) hour sequence of lessons. These are designed primarily for English Language Learners who need additional language development along with concept development in English Language Arts and/or Pre-Algebra/Algebra.

Instruction consists of small groups with a highly qualified teacher for one hour twice a week with classes continuing until the end of the traditional school year. During the hour of instruction, students will meet in groups of three with the teacher for twenty minutes. They will be monitored while they work on a specific homework assignment for another twenty minutes. And they will work independently on a computer activity in support of their lesson for the day for the final twenty minutes of the day.

Parents will receive information about their child's academic progress on a monthly basis to ensure their child is making progress and to know which areas need the most attention.


“Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read.”

~Cesar E. Chavez

"It is the goal of the institute to work with families to ensure their children graduate from high school and enter a university fully prepared to succeed in their studies. It is the dream of all parents for their children."

~Sonia C. Rodriguez
Education Director


More in Depth:

By definition, a supplementary educational program should provide substantive tutoring lessons that support, enhance, and expand the main instructional program given to the student during the regular school day. A good tutorial program is not haphazard, it is not a game, it is not a filler. It is a standards-based, research-supported set of activities that cause student performance and achievement to increase in conjunction with the regular academic program. This requires close alignment and continuous communication with the child's classroom teacher, school principal, and parent/guardian to ensure that all phases of the instructional experience are seamless, coherent, and effective. Here is how we make that happen:

• All materials for English Language Learners, all reading materials, and all pre-algebra/algebra materials are organized and aligned with the state's academic content standards

• Our primary focus on language development, early reading, and algebra were developed based on research on student populations in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California which demonstrate the areas and the skills students need but may not acquire in a timely fashion in order to meet their state standards, as per each state's Title I Plan under NCLB

• The design of our materials and the quality of our lessons must be delivered by highly accomplished tutors who believe in our philosophy of excellence; without well-trained and supported tutors, no program can be successful.

• Equally as important, creating a seamless instructional program for each student requires working closely with all stakeholders and instructional providers; we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that on-going communication and collaboration becomes a reality; our tutors, their supervisors, all of our staff have clear assignments and requisite tasks within the design of our program for which they are held accountable.

We take our responsibility for instructional coherence and stakeholder communication very seriously. It is the glue that ties our program to the world of learning within the child's classroom and extends it beyond the regular school day.

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